The Restaurant

We are a restaurant with privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Starters

The Salads

  • Tuna Salad

    Baby Leaf salad With Tomatoes, Carrot ,Boiled egg, Onion and Tartar Sauce

  • Cesar Salad

    Baby Leaf salad With Crispy chiken, parmesan shavings , croutons and Cesar Sauce

  • Goat Cheese Salad

    Baby Leaf salad With Applel, Walnuts,Crispy Bacon Caramelized Goat Cheese With Honey And Red Fruit Vinaigrette

  • Salmon and Avocado

    Baby Leaf salad With, Apple, Walnuts, Salmon, Avocado and Orange Vinaigrette

  • Caprese

    Mozzarella di bufala, Tomato and Pesto

  • Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables

    Zucchini, Eggplant, Red Pepper, Candied Cherrys Tomatoes and Basil Oil

  • Thai Style Vegetable Wok

    Zucchini, Eggplant, Onion, Carrot Red and Green Pepper, whit thai sause style cheff

The Meats

The Fishes Garnishes Can Be Chosen Between:
French Fries
 Potatoes Fries With Peppers And Garlic
 Thai Style Vegetable Wok
  • Grilled Chicken breast
  • Chicken escalope

    Breaded Chicken breast

  • Roast chicken free range

    1/2 chicken cooked at low temperature and flavored with rosemary honey

  • Grilled pork rib

    In BBQ Sauce

  • Grilled Iberian Secreto

    Pork Lean Fillet

  • Grilled Entrecöte

    350 gr of national beef

  • Grilled Tenderloin

    250 gr of ireland beef

  • Lamb Chops

The Fishes

The Fishes Garnishes Can Be Chosen Between:
French Fries
 Potatoes Fries With Peppers And Garlic
 Thai Style Vegetable Wok
  • Sea bream

    Braked or grilled

  • Cod

    Confit with garlic at low temperature and alioli gratin

  • Grilled salmón loin
  • Grilled Calamari
  • Grilled Octopus 23,00€

    Grilled octopus tentacles with potatoes parmentier with Spanish paprika

The Pasta & Wok

  • Spaguettis Napolitan

  • Spaguettis Bolognese
  • Tagliatelle Frutti di Mare

  • Espaghetti alle Vongole

  • Lasagna Bolognese

    Home made

  • Chichen Wok

    With Vegetables and Noodles

  • Prawn Wok

    With Vegetables and Noodles


  • Bikini

    Ham and Cheese Toasted Butter Sandwich

  • Classic

    Cheese ,Egg and Smoked Bacon Toasted Butter Sandwich

  • Tuna Club Sandwich

    Three Piece Toast with Baby Leaf salad , Tuna, boiled Egg, Avocado, Cucumber and Tartar Sauce

  • Mediterráneo Club Sandwich

    Three Piece Toast with smoked salmon, cream cheese, arugula, avocado

  • America Club Sandwich

    Three Piece Toast With Smoked Bacon, Cheese, ham, Egg, Mesclun, Tomato, Mayonnaise

  • The Italian

    Ciabatta Bread, Prosciutto Cotto, Arugula, Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Oil

  • The Spanish

    Ciabatta bread , Cured Ham , Manchego Cheese And Tomato

  • The Vegetarian

    Ciabatta Bread, Grilled Vegetables, Tomato and Basil Oil

  • The Chicken

    Ciabatta Bread, Chicken, Cheese, Mezclum, Tomato, Smoked Bacon and Mayonnaise

Burger Gourmet

The burger come with french fries

  • Cheese Burger

    200 GR Beef, Cheddar Cheese,Bacon, Candied Onion, Tomato And Mezclum

  • Nice Burger

    200 GR Beef Burger, Goat Cheese ,Smoked Bacon, Caramelized Onion & Arugula

  • New York Burger

    200 GR beef, Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Bacon, Caramelized Onion, Mezclum, Tomato and BBQ Sauce

  • Tex Mex Burger

    200 GR of beef, Cheddar Cheese, Guacamole, pico de gallo salad, Nachos And Jalapeños

  • Crispy chiken

    Battered Chicken on a base of tender lettuce shoots, tomato, our delicious Caesar sauce and granna paddanno cheese

  • Veggie Burger

    120 Gr Nobeef Burger, Philadelphia Chesse, Caramelizad Red Onion, Aruga, Tomato and Avocado

The Pizzas

  • Margherita

    Tomato sauce, Mozarella & fresh basil

  • Prosciutto

    Tomato sauce ,Mozarella & Prosciutto cotto

  • Pepperoni

    Tomato sauce, Mozzarella & Pepperoni

  • Tonno

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, tuna, black olives, caper, onion

  • Vegetariana

    Tomato sauce, Mozzarella,Eggplant, Onion, Red and Green Pepper, Cherrys Tomatoes & Fresh Basil


  • Chocolate Coulant

    Over a base of berry sauce and accompanied by vanilla ice cream

  • Tarte Tatin

    Over a base of Caramel sauce and accompanied by Vainila Ice Cream

  • CheeseCake

    Topped With Berries Sauce

  • Warm brownie

    Over a base of chocolate cream and accompanied by whipped cream and vanilla ice cream

  • Crepe

    Stuffed with Banana, Nutella and Accompanied with Strawberry Ice Cream

  • Lemon Sorbet
  • Mojito Royal Sorbet

    Lemon ice cream , mint and shoot of cava

  • Seasonal Fruit